Saturday, May 13, 2017

Peruvian Night

Peruvian Night has become one of my favorites.  I hadn't realized that it included a lot of beef and barbecue.  I found so many delicious looking recipes; I'm going to have to add some extra Peruvian dinners.

For this night's dinner we had Lomo Saltado with homemade fries and Aji Sauce and it was do good.

This is one of those rare meals that everyone in the family loved.  It reminded me of a fajita only the seasonings were a little different and it was served on fries instead of in a tortilla ... okay, so maybe not so similar to a fajita.

The only thing I did different from the recipe is that instead of tossing the fries with the meat, I served them seperate and just layered the meat over the fries.  The meat is really juicy and I think if I had tossed them, it would have made the fries really soggy.  

Next time I will also spread the cooked fries out onto a cook sheet rather than toss them in a bowl.  The fries that were in the bottom of the bowl came out of the pan crispy but as they sat while I cooked the rest of the fries, they steamed and became very soggy.

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