Thursday, May 25, 2017

Chadian Dinner

My kids are really starting to test my ability to find these foreign foods.  J only chose Chad because he thought it was funny that there was a country named after his uncle.  I searched and searched for recipes from Chad but had hardly any luck.  I finally settled on Baked Fish and a Salad that I found on another blog that is pretty much doing the same thing as me.  I thought my idea was unique and although I'm a little bummed that it's already been done, I was grateful that they had a recipe I could use.

The Baked Fish tasted pretty much the same as any American fish.  It just had a few simple seasonings on it and it was delicious.

The Salad was a very unique combination of rice, cucumbers, bananas, and raisins with lemon, honey coriander, cumin and cayenne pepper.  I was very hesitant to try it but although it's not our favorite, the flavors weren't bad together.  My kids even really liked it.

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