Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mexican Night

My 7yr old chose Mexican for this weeks dinner.  Honestly, I considered just cooking one of the many Mexican dishes that I already make but I decided to find something new.

I decided to make a new recipe for Beef Enchiladas.  They turned out so delicious and all 3 of my very picky eaters asked me to make this again soon.

My Enchiladas didn't plate nearly as pretty as the ones in this picture but I think these one's had to have been cooked seperate from the main casserole dish full of enchiladas.  

We ate our enchiladas with restaurant style refried beans and mexican rice.  I also made Horchata for the drink.  I have never had Horchata before so I can't compare it to others but I liked this one.  I have heard many people complain that it's too sweet so I used the minimum sugar suggested in the recipe.  I also think next time I will use a little less cinnamon.

For dessert I made Sopapilla Cheesecake Bars.

These bars are so good and would make a great dessert to bring to a family party.  

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