Friday, March 25, 2011

Raw Oatmeal

This recipe is one of my kids favorite foods to eat.  My 1 & 2yr olds especially love eating it for breakfast.  I love how healthy it is.  You can substitute Quaker oats but they don't absorb the liquid as well & they don't get as tender.  You can find regular rolled oats at a normal grocery store in the food storage area.

When you first mix everything, it'll be pretty runny

After it has sat overnight, most of the juice will be absorbed

6c Raw Rolled Oats
1/2c Raisins
1/2c Freeze dried fruit
Coconut Juice, enough to cover (Walmart sells it with the Asian food in the soda can size.  I use 4 of these)
1/2c grated Zucchini (optional, you won't even notice it's there but the the kids will get their veggies)
1T, heaping  Cinnamon
1t salt (do not omit)

Mix all ingredients & store in refrigerator over night.  Serve cold, with or without a little honey.

Recipe was adapted from one by Travis Stockwell

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