Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Laundry dyed & melted crayon fix

So last night I was doing a load of dark laundry.  Mostly my husbands shirts.  One of his shirts was a navy blue & white striped shirt.  I also, accidentally included one of his white garment tops.  When I pulled the load out of the washing machine, I realized that I had included my red sweater.  Normally, I wouldn't worry about putting red in with a load of darks but this is one of those sweaters that will bleed no matter how many times I wash it. Consequently, my husbands shirt & garment top were now a bright shade of pink.  After the "oh crap" moment passed, I called my mom.  Her advice was to bleach the garment top but no idea how to fix the blue & white shirt (maybe vinegar?).  I searched online & found a lot of advice for when the dyed top is solid white, using Rit, but nothing for white/colored.  

I figured that all was lost but decided to try the one awesome laundry "recipe" I had.  It's something I got from my friend, last year, when my daughter left a purple crayon in her pocket.  I was shocked when I was able to get all the crayon out of an entire load of laundry.  Although my hopes weren't high, maybe it'd work for dyed clothing, too.

This morning I pulled my husbands clothes out of the washing machine & was amazed that all of the pink had come out.  This "recipe" has saved me tons of money so I figured it was high time I share it with everyone else.  The amounts aren't exact, I usually just use A LOT of each ingredient.

  • Regular scoop of your laundry detergent
  • 2 Scoops Borax (I usually just shake the box directly into the machine & not worry about the scoop)
  • white vinegar (I usually use 1/2 of a plastic jug but I don't think you need that much.  1 bottle would probably work fine)
  • 1/2 large bottle Resolve Spray n' wash.

Put all ingredients into your washing machine.  Fill the washing machine with the hottest water possible.  Add the dyed or crayon ruined clothes.  Run the agitation cycle but don't let the machine drain.  (I usually run it only half way through the cycle so that I have some agitation left at the end.)  Let the clothes soak for many hours or overnight.  (When I washed the dyed clothes, I let them soak for 4hours.  The crayon I soaked over night.)  When they are done soaking, finish running the washing machine using the hardest agitation setting you can.  Once done, if all the color's not out, you can repeat this process.

*NOTE:  This will only work if you haven't put your dyed clothes into the dryer.  If you've dried them, the heat will set in the color & I don't think there's any way to get that out.

My clothes with crayon on them had gone through the dryer and all of the color came out.


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