Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A battery birthday cake

       I had hoped to post the recipe for the jelly roll I made but I haven't decided if I like it or not.  My first opinion was that it was a wonderful recipe.  It reminded me a lot of the eggy flavor of a cream puff.  But by the next day, when I tried another slice, I wasn't as happy with it.  So I may or may not post that recipe.  We'll have to see. 


     Anyway, I wanted to post a photo of the cake I made using the jelly roll.  This is the cake that I made for my 2yr olds birthday.  I know it's a strange cake for a little boy but it totally fits him.  He is obsessed with batteries.  Remember that kid at the grocery store who was throwing a tantrum because his mom wouldn't buy him that treat at the checkout stand?  That's my son, only his fit is because I won't buy him a pack of double A's.  He carries them around in his pockets & begs me for them when he sees them high up on a shelf.  "Bat-ry" was one of, if not the first longer word he could say.  

       On his birthday, we had a family party with his grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins.  They all thought I was weird to make him a battery cake (well, all but the few that knew about his obsession).  Eventually he pulled a battery out of his pocket to show off.  When he saw the batteries that Grandma was charging in the wall, he had to show them to everyone.  By now everyone was starting to believe me that he liked batteries.  

     Finally it was time to open presents.  He opened one from his grandma.  He gasped & then squealed.  But he wasn't squealing at the Fireman's hat or the megaphone.  He dropped the box & pulled off the AAA batteries that were taped to the front.  He ran around the room showing everyone & yelling "Bat-ries!"  

     So this cake was fun to make, & I'm proud of it but it wasn't that hard.  Like I said, I used a jelly roll with French Vanilla pudding, for the the cake.  I then frosted it with grey frosting & used an frosted Oreo for the postitive end of the battery.  For the label, I found a logo for Energizer off the internet & using Photoshop, created a battery label.  I then printed it as an 8x10 photo & took it to the bakery at Macey's grocery store.  They can print any image onto a thin sheet of fondant.  Then it was only a matter of cutting the label to size & wrapping it around the cake.  The only thing that I would do differently would be to not print the image onto the fondant until the day before I made the cake.  I printed it a few days ahead of time & when I went to use it, it had dried a little & so the edge cracked in places.  Also, the background on the label, was originally grey but the longer it sat, the more the blue became the dominant color.  It worked fine for this cake but I would have been disappointed if I had used a photograph & it had changed colors.

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